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So it’s been a few months since I’ve last written. Honestly I sort of got swallowed up by parenting and time slipped away. Suddenly here we are getting close to HVB’s first birthday…time truly does fly (and sometimes crawl)! He is amazing, by the way. Walking all over the place, laughing, being goofy with his brother, dancing, climbing, and throwing stuff in the toilet. Some days I look at the two of them and just feel like I am going to burst with love. It’s incredible. Other days I look at them and feel like I am going to explode with frustration and/or rage. What is that saying? “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” That’s parenting to me!

How is it possible that they are this cute???

In addition to learning how to parent two kids at the same time, breast feeding, cooking, cleaning, and generally surviving, I’ve also been doing some “inner work.” Reading some great books, listening to podcasts, doing some journal writing, setting some goals, and all in all just trying to find (and be) the best version of myself. Two books that I’ve read and loved are: Buddhism for Mothers and You are a Badass. Check them out!

One thing that I’m really working on is finding the best way to be an activist for animals, and how I can best promote a vegan lifestyle for everyone, specifically families with kids. This is tricky for me because I always feel self-conscious when I talk about my veganism, and I don’t like making other people feel judged. So I often stay quiet. But I know in my heart that this is what I am here to do: spread the message of kindness and compassion through veganism. And I want my boys to grow up to be change-makers, so I can’t very well expect that of them as I sit quietly on the sidelines eating my vegan food and not engaging with people about why this cause is so important to me.

(Break for a cute picture)

We got a trampoline for Christmas!


(End break.  OMG, can you stand how cute he is? I literally can’t.  That tummy hanging over this jeans! OK, now break seriously over).

I love to write, and I often will share more in writing than I will in person. So I’m doing some work on the blog, and on the Facebook and Instagram pages. I hope that you will continue to follow me here, and on my other pages. I am totally a newbie lame old person when it comes to Instagram, so I’m trying to learn about hashtags. #ithoughtitwasapoundsign.

So I’ll start with Facebook, the medium that I know best! I’m going to be doing daily posts with themes, as follows:

Sunday: Super Stuff. Here I’ll share inspirational things, people, and events.
Monday: Meals. I will share some of our favorite meal ideas.
Tuesday: Tips. I will share a hodge-podge of tips: parenting, vegan eating, etc.
Wednesday: Websites. I will feature some favorite websites of ours, or new ones worth checking out.
Thursday: Time Savers. I will share tips and tricks that will save you time, either in the kitchen or out and about with the kids.
Friday: Favorites. I will share some of my favorite things, food related and otherwise!
Saturday: Sanctuaries. I’ll feature a new sanctuary each week and encourage you to find one near you!

Please join me, comment on the page, and share what you find inspirational, funny, or just worth getting out into the world. Thanks for reading, and happy 2018!


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