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And The little prince sleeps on, blissfully unaware of his mommy’s hunger

Another day, another hotel room where I am sitting and STARVING, held captive by FVB, who is passed out on the bed while hubs and family are out picking up food.  I’m having flashbacks to our move out night when I lay in the hotel bed nursing FVB at 8:30 pm while hubs ate dinner at the desk, silently taunting me. Tonight we had had grand plans of going out to a nice dinner, but a sleeping baby trumps all plans!  Especially a sleeping baby who took two teeny, tiny naps throughout the day and was beyond exhausted.  So he sleeps peacefully in his outfit from the day and a diaper that I’m pretty sure he’s been wearing since noon.  It’s 7:32pm and I haven’t eaten since lunch. No big deal, I deal with hunger well and do not turn into a hangry biotch (hungry, angry, bitch) who snaps at anyone who dares cross me.  I wish there was a sarcasm font. 
I’m trying not to freak out about the lack of food because deliciousness is on it’s way in the form of Native Foods, my most favorite Denver vegan restaurant.  Luckily when traveling to Denver, we know where to find the best vegan options, but typically eating vegan while traveling is somewhat challenging.  Especially when in airports or less vegan friendly cities, like our new home of Buffalo. We stopped for lunch on our way to the Buffalo airport at a place that we had been to in years past, which used to offer a lovely vegetarian & vegan menu (Gordon Biersch).  Not anymore…so we played the “what can I find on this menu that might still be decent minus the cheese and/or butter and/or meat and/or cream” game. We ended up doing pretty well, the waitress was nice and didn’t seem too annoyed by our questions and substitutions. My pasta had an olive oil/garlic sauce and also balsamic vinegar. It was delicious…I think once I get cooking again I may try that out!  Never thought to do balsamic in pasta sauce but it was super yummy. 


Do you think there will be any vegan options at the next airport?
Once in Chicago I, of course, needed food again. We looked around in the airport for food and found a Mediterranean place that seemed promising.  We saw that they had pizzas, wraps, and grilled sandwiches.  Turns out everything was premade, so they couldn’t accommodate us by leaving off cheese.  We asked directly if they had any vegan options.  The first person we asked acted like the word vegan was in a foreign language and asked the other person working, who happened to be somewhat foreign herself, possibly Italian…?  We had to explain “no cheese or meat” and she immediately dismissed us, saying (in an Italian accent) “we putta the cheese onna everything!” This statement perfectly summarizes for me what is wrong with the diet of most Americans. Sigh. 

We wound up with veggie wraps from another place that were delicious.  No cheese or meat and somehow we managed to enjoy them. Sometimes I want to shake people when they are so confused about not eating cheese or meat.  There’s a good chance that I may start writing letters to every place where I eat that doesn’t offer a vegan option.  I’m not sure “cheese onna everything” lady will care about my letter, but maybe.  I’ll include a coupon for a vegan cheese and a picture of a dead baby calf and this: #notyourmomnotyourmilk.  Too harsh? It’s worth a shot, right? 

In other news, we have been settling in at KK and Big Poppi’s house (that’s Grandma and Grandpa- they picked their own names, clearly). Things are going well; the dogs are the biggest challenge, but they are managing.  FVB is having a blast, since KK & BP buy him anything they think he may possibly like. So far he has a sandbox, a pool, a push car, a baby stroller, and a bubble lawn mower.  It’s sort of like summer camp and he is having the best time, when he’s not whining and clingy on me (only roughly 50% of the time). Luckily KK is also vegan, since she is head chef in the house! We are eating really well and will hopefully start cooking soon. Hubs cooked the other night, but I have yet to make one thing besides my smoothies.  Working on getting into our own house, but probably won’t be until mid August; it takes 60 days to close in NY rather than 30. I’m dreaming about my new kitchen already, which has a gas stove…hooray! 


For those who have never owned a sandbox and a toddler, not a great combination if you don’t enjoy picking sand out of the cracks
Ok, I’m off to pour another glass of wine.  If I can’t eat, I’m drinking.  And I’m toasting to my hubs, a new college grad! 

I am going to keep looking at this picture so that my hangriness doesn’t take over

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  1. Gramma Nell

    I love this picture of you holding Mac in your gown and hat it is a keeper. We are happy for you Matt and happy you are living in New York so we can see each other often.


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