I’m writing this while sitting up in bed, nursing the baby and eating Oreos dipped in peanut butter. The baby has been nursing off and on for approximately 2 hours. FVB fell asleep with his arm snaked around my neck and his hand in my shirt while I was laying down nursing the baby, so I had to gently extract myself to get downstairs to get the aforementioned Oreos. Needless to say this was not my ideal bed time scenario. (Ideal scenario: I put the children in bed, kiss them goodnight and they fall asleep peacefully on their own while I eat chocolate and binge watch something on Netflix downstairs, where no one is touching me or breathing loudly directly into my ear). 

Hubs calls this my RBF (resting bitch face)

Hubs is out of town for a few days, so I am tackling the challenge of putting both children bed by myself. He is a huge part of our bedtime routine, so it has been a bit challenging to do it on my own, but so far I’ve done it two nights in a row with minimal crying! The first night after I had to take FVB out of the bath before he was ready, because HVB needed to nurse. When we got into bed he was still crying and I suggested that he might feel better once he calmed down. He replied “I won’t feel better when I calm down. I will always be crying.” Dramatic much? And then he was asleep two minutes later. (Side story: he was crying about something the other day and said that he couldn’t walk up the stairs because “the tears are coming out of my eyes and pouring down my cheeks and dripping down.” Pouring down his cheeks?!? It was seriously 3 tears. If that). Anyway, he has a bit of a flair for dramatics, as most three year olds do. It must be exhausting! 

For anyone wondering, they are never left alone like this! I just can’t resist taking a picture before I move FVB into his own bed!

In the grand scheme of things, I’ll be dealing with this level of neediness for such a short time, so I’m trying to enjoy the closeness while I have it. Oreos will always be there (unless some horrible thing happens where they are discontinued or they start putting animal parts or secretions in them), but my boys will not always want me to snuggle them. It can be super overwhelming at times and I definitely have moments where I envy the parents who have “trained” their kids to sleep alone, but overall I am happy to have them in our bed knowing that they will one day be gone. First across the hall, and then out of the house entirely. And it will probably go a lot faster than I want it to! This season is just one of many seasons of their lives and I am trying to enjoy it for all that it is. Sometimes I even smile! 

OK, I’ve made it until almost 10pm which is way later than I need to be awake. Sweet dreams! 



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