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The other day I had a tiny bit of a tantrum. Hubs and I were facing timing with my mom and I was trying to enjoy a happy hour cocktail. FVB was NOT cooperating. I exclaimed (loudly) “I just want to sit down and drink my beer!” I did not stomp my foot or throw myself on the ground, but I wanted to. Desperately. 

Do NOT talk to me

We are in the home stetch of packing and solidifying all of our moving details.  I am a little bit overwhelmed with all that is left to do and it’s making me grouchy. And prone to tantrums. And that makes FVB and I are very poor match, since toddlers are notorious for grouchiness and tantrums.  I’m attempting to control my tantrums by drinking beer and eating good food, like the delicious vegan BBQ plate I had at Watercourse in Denver the other night.  O.M.G.    Baked beans, mushrooms, grilled corn, and biscuit with herbed butter.  FVB was super into both the corn and the baked beans, when he wasn’t stalking out other diners and flashing them. 

sooooooooo good
Hubs and I had “date night” with FVB in tow and it went as you’d imagine it would.  We enjoyed maybe 5 minutes total of drinking, making eye contact, and talking.  We let FVB wander a little bit (it wasn’t too crowded since it was 5:30 and for most people at that time, Saturday night dinner is hours away), until his wandering turned into staring at strangers for uncomfortably long periods of time. He likes to stare,  lift up his shirt to reveal his belly button, then grin and walk away slowly.  (Imagine if adults behaved this way. Funny/creepy to picture).  I took him outside after dinner and he enjoyed meeting strangers there as well, but most of them had their dogs in tow, making things a little less awkward. 

everything tastes better when someone else cooks it
To help my stress level, hubs volunteered to cook and made these delicious sandwiches using Field Roast Italian Sausages, peppers, onions, and marinara. All served inside a hot dog bun and topped with Daiya. Seriously, these were amazing. Hubs loved them. The only problem is they are pricey. So probably not a weekly meal to put in the rotation, but totally worth trying!

I love apples!

My pantry is all packed up, so for the next few days we are eating either take out or whatever I can come up with based on what’s left in the fridge/freezer. It’ll be like a fun vegan episode of Top Chef! 

Next week I have the joy of flying alone with FVB (2 flights, 8 hours of travel). BUT, hubs has the joy of driving across the country with the dogs. Who has it worse?!?!? 


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  1. tmm

    Refraining from throwing a tantrum may be highly over-rated. Sometimes you just need that particular cathartic experience to reset your emotional state.

    Just saying. . . .


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