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We survived our return trip from Arizona, after being stuck on a grounded plane for almost 2 hours. FVB was an angel.  At one point he was in only a diaper, “walking” up and down the aisle. But, no tears and minimal whining. Thank goodness he pulls it together when it’s absolutely necessary.  If only we could teach him that trick at home….

I'm naked on a plane…what of it?
I’m naked on a plane…what of it?

Our trip was fantastic, lots of family time, sunshine, and good food. My fantastic SIL cooked an almost entirely vegan Thanksgiving feast and we tried some yummy restaurants.  The hotel breakfast was workable- fruit, oatmeal, toast and peanut butter (not natural…but better than nothing).  I only had two “get-me-food-now-before-someone-gets-hurt” moments.  These moments are always my biggest fear when traveling and being away from my kitchen. But I managed-  immediately upon landing I bought a Kind Bar (some are vegan).  And once at the hotel, hubs ordered me black bean hummus, which FVB loved! I need to figure out how to make it.  Oh, and of course our trip home was hours longer than expected, so that was another “hangry” experience.  Luckily FVB can eat whenever he wants and only the grown ups suffer.  The perks of breast feeding!

Are you seriously taking my picture right now? I'm exhausted.
Are you seriously taking my picture right now? I’m exhausted.

FVB is teething BIG TIME and also practicing standing. He refuses to attempt crawling, so I’m thinking he may just skip it all together.  He does really well standing alone for 10-15 seconds and holds himself up really well on couches, tables, etc.  Only a few falls so far!  Due to all these happenings, he is grumpy and whiny, probably 40% of the time.  Or maybe it just feels that way to me.  After a face time session with my mom (which he mostly whined through), she asked me (seriously) if I was ever worried I would hurt him. I’m not, but I appreciated the vote of confidence.  Hubs has been home the past few days and FVB has been a model baby. Rarely whining and napping for over 1 hour. Hubs is questioning my complaints…

Forget crawling, I'll be walking before you know it!
Forget crawling, I’ll be walking before you know it!

No new recipes, but a few things worth trying:

1. I am officially obsessed with this cheeze sauce. OBSESSED. I actually eat spoonfuls of it when I make it. And I always double it. SO GOOD. I like it on potatoes or pasta.

2. Tried out these mini muffins.  It was fun, easy, and they are pretty good!  I doubled it, since I knew that I would eat 12 in probably 2 days. Apparently if anything is “mini” I eat triple the serving size.  I made the vegan version as my base, then did a few of the flavors- chocolate chip, blueberry, coconut, raisin, pineapple, and PB&J.

3. Made this Shepard’s Pie.  It was good, but make sure to cook the lentils until they are VERY well done.  We had it with kale salad, my new favorite.

I heart kale!
I heart kale!

That’s all for now! Hubs is going to be home for a few weeks, so we have lots of fun family time to look forward to. And of course, more traveling for Christmas. Luckily we have a great little traveler as our companion!




  1. tmm

    Hmmm. . . well, does your mother work in a field that would sensitize her to the potential emotional issues that could befall you (or anyone)? I doubt she meant to question your capacity to maintain, as you are clearly an A++ SUPERMOM, and FVB is one lucky dude!!


  2. Sue

    Re: the vegan version of the muffins – been experimenting with the flaxseed meal and water egg substitute and it is wonderful! Works every time …


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