Oh, toddlers


A snippet of this morning’s conversation, held in the upstairs hallway:

Mom: The underwear cut that I like is called “French cut.”  It’s not like the bikini, or the high rise, or…what’s that one where the string goes up your butt crack?

Me: Thong?

Mom: Yes! Anyway, it’s called French cut.

Me: OK, good to know. Next time I buy you underwear I’ll know just what to buy.

What’s all this talk about underwear?!? 

Weird conversations aside, we’ve been enjoying lots of bonding time with KK and Big Poppi while we wait to close on our house.  It’ll be exciting to get into our new space, especially cooking in my own kitchen! I’m afraid I haven’t been doing too much recipe testing, or cooking at all for that matter and I do kind of miss it.  KK does the majority of the heavy lifting in the cooking department while I do mostly baby watching.  There are two sets of stairs off the kitchen and FVB has already thrown himself off one set (the low, wide ones, luckily) and longs to move the gate and try the other set!  He definitely requires constant supervision in the kitchen so there is not much multi tasking going on. Other dangerous activites he enjoys include pulling down mugs off of low tables to see if there is anything (preferably hot) in them, running full speed down a sidewalk (preferably on a hill), and boldly stopping in the middle of the road while we are attempting to cross (he recently discovered that sitting down is a good way to assert his desire to not move).  A safer activity that he loves is opening the fridge and selecting what he’d like to eat.

Can someone open these blueberries for me?
Can someone open these blueberries for me?

Foods FVB is loving lately:

  • Blueberries
  • Watermelon
  • Cherries
  • Chao cheeze
  • Pasta salad
  • Corn on the cob
  • Anything with a tomato based sauce
  • Anything off of an adult plate, or an adult fork, or anything that an adult is holding and/or trying to eat

Foods that are not so popular:

  • Black beans
  • Anything with any kind of nut butter
  • Anything takes longer than 2 minutes to prepare
  • Anything that is served on a “child” spoon or fork
  • Anything that looks really impressive on his plate, like this:

    I only use real silverware, thank you very much!

Luckily KK has these cool tiny forks and spoons that are actually silverware.  FVB loves to pierce foods with a fork, including bread, and the plastic forks do not pierce well, obviously.  Oh, toddlers…they are fickle little creatures who know what they want!

I hope you are enjoying our food updates and following us on Facebook!  Those posts are about all I can manage these days…hopefully will have more time to write once I get into a rhythm at my own house. But I’ll probably be too busy, what with all of the Pinterest projects I’ve been pinning on my “new house” board, plus all of the new recipes I’ll be testing.  And possibly the un-packing I’ll be doing.

Oh, and I’ll probably be furiously searching the Internet for French cut underwear…Christmas will be here before you know it!


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  1. chellyk17

    I also don’t like “boy cut” – fyi.


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