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Oh my……time has just been flying by and I haven’t had a chance to write, or even really think about writing, in a while.  My family was just in town, so FVB got to spend some quality time with his cousin.  It’s so fun watching them interact.  They are 3 months apart and SO different.  J-man is a bit of a bruiser, while FVB is much more reserved.  J is very easily redirected and is pretty happy to go with anyone (though he has a pretty big case on his momma), while FVB knows EXACTLY what/who he wants and will not be deterred, no matter the distraction.  They both love the outside, dirt, and getting into mischief.  I know they will be buddies for life, I just wish that we lived closer!

Hands are for holding, not hitting
Hands are for holding, not hitting

KK and Big Poppi (FVB’s grandparents on my side) were here, too.  I love when KK comes, as she does every ounce of cooking for me, cleans the kitchen, organizes my spices, and finishes projects that have been on my list for 2 years (like taking a box of old CD’s to the post office, only to find out it would cost $15 to send them.  I WANT to recycle…… but $15?!?!).  She also does yard work and obsessively down sizes items in my fridge.  Every time she leaves, hubs always finds something in the fridge in a random container, like garbanzo beans in an old peanut butter jar, or the tiniest smear of hot sauce in a .0005 oz container left over from take out.  This woman does not waste ANYTHING. If she lived near me, I would definitely pay her to keep the kitchen organized (she takes payment in the form of time with her grandson, luckily).

I love my KK..... but I'm not so sure about this shirt.
I love my KK….. but I’m not so sure about this shirt.

After my family leaves, I fall into a deep depression and proceed to undo all of KK’s hard work by doing nothing productive for days.  Well, that’s not totally true.  I did manage to sell a beautiful solid wood hutch on Craigslist that our neighbor’s had just put to the curb.  I added the cool $125 I made into my jar of savings marked DYSON.  That’s what my life has come to…..saving up for a vacuum cleaner and being super excited about it!  Seriously though, our neighbors basically put the contents of their home on the curb with a sign marked FREE.  You better believe KK and I were over there within seconds to rummage through the goods.  We took a couch (beautiful and in perfect condition), a coffee table, two end tables, and a set of brand new baskets.  Plus a leaf blower and a bucket of tools.  I guess our neighbors either won the lottery or are joining a cult and are giving away everything in preparation.  They moved out yesterday and basically filled the U-Haul with totes and boxes (presumably filled with items that are more valuable to the cult than the beautiful furniture they threw away).  I know this because I watch out my window obsessively and track the goings-on at my neighbor’s houses (Gladys Kravitz anyone??).  So far I’ve learned that the divorced dad across the street has a new girlfriend and my former next door neighbors may or may not be joining a cult.  If anyone is watching me, I think they would probably come to the conclusion that I wear PJ pants 24/7, have no shame about wearing slippers outside at 4pm,  and only comb my hair a few times a week. And I have an obsession for taking photos of my baby posed with our pug.

We put our dog in a wagon.... what of it?
We put our dog in a wagon…. what of it?

I have no new recipes or food things to talk about because my personal chef was here cooking for the last two weeks.  OH!  I tried the Silk Cashew milk and it was good, but not good enough for the price.  I made my own cashew creamer and it was way better.  I have no recipe or link to a recipe because it was over 2 weeks ago and my memory doesn’t go back that far.  Oh and I also made a super yummy “cheese”cake for Big Poppi’s birthday.  Again, too long ago to remember…..

OK, this upcoming week I am definitely going to try to remember some of the foods that I eat and save some recipes to share with you.  In the meantime, enjoy this photo of FVB “eating” chili prepared by his KK.

I'm too distracted by the fan to bother eating...
I’m too distracted by the fan to bother eating…

The weather is supposed to be fantastically sunny and warm this weekend, so obviously that means that I spend one hour last night researching sunscreen and becoming increasingly worried that NOTHING was safe for our baby except keeping him inside, fully clothed and wearing a wide brimmed hat with all of the curtains closed.  BUT WHAT ABOUT VITAMIN D?!?  Sigh.  Sometimes being a hippy mommy has its down sides.

That’s all for now, I’ve used all of FVB’s nap time to write this and I’m beginning to feel a nagging sense of guilt about the state of the kitchen and living room….. back next week!



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  1. tmm

    Can’t wait to see who moves in! Hope there is a female FVB for the Mr.! And what is a cault?


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