Hubs has this funny little habit of insisting that he doesn’t like things that he hasn’t really tried.  For example, he’s always told me that he doesn’t like any kind of “salad” sandwich because he doesn’t like mayonnaise. Before I went vegan, and actually a long time before that, when I was in college and didn’t pay attention to calories as much, I used to LOVE mayonnaise.  This is gross, but I’ll tell you anyway, I used to dip my french fries in.  We had a grill on campus where you could get french fries and grilled cheese, with those little fast food packets of mayo and ketchup.  I know, I know, it’s so gross.  But I digress.  Now I use either Follow Your Heart brand mayo or the new brand Just Mayo, and I do not put it on french fries.  I use it very sparingly when making mock egg salad, mock ranch, or on a sandwich.

Anyway, back to hubs and his (false) stance that he doesn’t like “salad” sandwiches.  I was determined to either A). convince him that he did like “salad” sandwiches, he just hadn’t had a good one or B). Force him to eat my “salad” sandwich, watch him gag, and then accept that he was speaking the truth.  So I did what any good wife would do and tricked him into liking it.  My secret weapon was…….. PICKLES.

And not just pickles, but PICKLE JUICE (all caps, you guys.  I am literally yelling pickle juice at you.  It’s that good).

Ummmm...... did someone say pickle?  We love pickles.
Ummmm…… did someone say pickle? We love pickles.

This recipe is amazing because it is super forgiving.  You don’t even really have to measure after you get the hang of it and know what consistency you like.  You can also add in different spices if you like.  Another great add-in is chopped green onions, which give it a nice crunch.

I took no photographs of this “salad” sandwich filling, as hubs ATE IT ALL before I had the chance.  He likes his spread on bread and then topped with crunchy bread and butter pickles.  Yes, MORE PICKLES.  It is also great as a dip for crackers, which is how FVB prefers it.

Wait a second..... this is NOT breast milk.
Wait a second….. this is NOT breast milk.

Prep time
Total time
This is NOT a salad sandwich.
Serves: 3-4
  • 1 C chickpeas
  • One half block tofu
  • ¼ C just mayo
  • 2 tablespoons mustard
  • 2 tablespoons pickle juice
  • One or two pickle spears, diced small
  • Turmeric, a sprinkle
  • Onion powder, to taste
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Mash the tofu in the chickpeas with a potato masher. Alternatively, you could crash the tofu by hand and do the chickpeas in a food processor. Just a couple of pulses to break them up. Stir in the just mayo, mustard, pickle juice, diced pickle, and spices. Mix up everything really well and add more pickle juice as needed for consistency. You can eat it right away or let it sit in the fridge for a bit to really marinate the flavors.



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  1. Tmm

    Well FVB does have a little bit of a furrowed brow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not enjoying it I guess! Sweet or dill pickles?


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