Move out! 


  Here was the plan: The movers were arriving at 9 AM. FIL was arriving at 8 AM. The movers would take two hours to load up the PODs, then we would do a quick cleanup, load some extra items to the POD, load the car, enjoy some lunch, say goodbye to FIL and have the rest of the afternoon to kill before checking into our hotel and enjoying a relaxing glass of wine and take out.  (Hubs will be driving the vehicle with the dogs and our “necessities” and FVB and I will be flying. We are planning on being without the majority of our stuff for approximately two months well we look for a house and wait to close). 

Here is what actually happened:

FIL arrived on time, with Starbucks, and ready to work (gotta love him!) he immediately went on FVB duty and hubs and I got to packing and organizing some last minute things. Please keep in mind that we have been packing for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Doesn’t seem like they would be too much to do on the morning of, does it?  

The movers arrived 15 minutes late in a 1988 two door, red, beat up Honda. Somehow four giant men fit into this tiny car. I’m not sure why they decided to have the dude with the smallest car run carpool that day…but that’s really neither here nor there. They were late, but large and apparently strong. Hubs whispered to me at one point “I saw one of the guys pick up two giant boxes and carry them like they were nothing!” (Sidenote: hubs had given me a really hard time about packing the boxes too heavy and I kept saying the movers will have no problem. The burly dudes in a tiny car came through for me!)

The loading went as planned, they were super fast and efficient, FVB took his nap on the floor of the guestroom no problem and all was going smoothly. After they left we did a few things, then enjoyed a nice lunch…ate at the restaurant, took our time, nothing to worry about! As we were walking back to the car I actually exclaimed “homestretch guys!” Like we already had this thing in the bag. I was so naiive. 

Back at home however, it seemed that the things that we thought were “little” and could easily be slipped in the car, multiplied overnight. And by multiplied I mean quadrupled.  And by quadrupled I mean turned into a massive pile that would not, by any stretch of the imagination, fit into our car.  I spent a good 40 minutes sorting and re-sorting the things, thinking that maybe if I spent enough time sorting them, they would shrink and/or disappear. I put the miscellaneous things that we wouldn’t need in boxes for the POD, scrawled MISC on the front, and made a mental note to remember the craziness of this day when I later unpacked a box containing a handheld mirror, a hammer, six pens, and hubs’ bow tie from our wedding. 

Meanwhile, FIL was downstairs, simultaneously vacuuming and entertaining FVB. When…the vacuum dies. YOU GUYS, THIS IS MY DYSON WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. DYSONS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE. ESPECIALLY ON THE DAY YOU ARE MOVING OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND MUST VACUUM ALL FLOORS (sorry for yelling, but you must appreciate the gravity of the situation). All three adults instantly rushed to the vacuum and tried in vain to restore it. I suggested that we call the 1-800 # and get help…then went back to my obsessive sorting and left hubs and FIL to come up with a solution. Thankfully, hubs realized the gravity of the situation, spent a few minutes working on it, and was able to get it working before the help desk even called him back. My hero!

After sorting in vain, I moved on to some “quick” jobs that we had saved for after the movers left. Turns out, these jobs were anything but quick. Example: cleaning the fridge. I had done A TON of prep work getting all of the food organized, things pared down, etc. I felt really good about just loading the cooler with a few small items and giving the rest to a friend, then doing a quick wipe down of the fridge. However, somehow my cooler space was much smaller than planned, and we hadn’t quite eaten everything I planned for us to eat, I forgot about needing to wash the Tupperware, etc etc.  There is nothing I hate more than wasting things, most especially food. But somehow I found myself tossing things willy-nilly into a garbage bag while FIL held the bag and said, “just close your eyes and throw it away!”  The quick wipe down suddenly turned into scrubbing congealed coffee off of the entire back of the fridge.

BACK STORY ON THE COFFEE: I put coffee that doesn’t get drank in a glass in the fridge for “iced coffee” later, since I hate wasting coffee. However, nine times out of ten it sits in there until I am more mad about the space it’s taking up than about the fact that it’s going to be wasted, and dump out 5 day old cold coffee instead of fresh, hot coffee.  However, this coffee had gotten pushed into the back of the fridge, sloshed aliens, and spilled all over. I was cursing myself the whole time I was scrubbing, believe me. 

Finally, after HOURS of organizing, last minute packing, and cleaning, we were  in the true home stretch. When it was determined that all of the things would not fit in the car and leave space for me and FVB, FIL volunteered to drive our stuff to our hotel. For the 100th time that day, I gave thanks for whomever or whatever blessed me with this amazing father in law! I was on baby and dog duty in the back yard and FIL and hubs were loading the car and PODS. Somehow FVB was naked. It started raining, much to his utter joy. He spent 10 minutes chasing rain drops and pointing excitedly to the spots they left on the patio and yelling “BA! BA!”  (This is the only word he knows. It means: bird, bunny, look, outside, etc, depending on what he is pointing to). The dogs stuck close by me, shivering and whining. When it’s finally time for us to load up, I realized FVB was naked with no diaper or clothes in sight. Five frantic minutes are spent digging through the neatly packed truck bed to find the right suitcase, find a diaper, find an outfit, and put all items onto FVB and load him into his car seat. Meanwhile, the rain had accelerated to a full blown thunderstorm.  The dogs are losing their minds in the backseat of the car while FVB is happily in his car seat, laughing at Kaeli’s whine. Hubs and FIL are somehow STILL packing the cars and getting drenched. Finally, we pull away.  I had envisioned getting a cute family picture in front of the house, or maybe at least having a poignant moment standing in the empty house as a family (remember the last scene of Friends? Something like that)…but instead I will remember our last minutes at our house a little differently! 

I kept FVB from fussing on the way to the hotel by stuffing him with blueberries. I think he ate 2 cups. Every time his snack cup ran out, he cried and tried to eat the cup. His face, hands, legs, clothes, and car seat were all stained purple. I kept imagining the horror show that his diaper would be later, but I did what I had to do to keep the peace. Poor FIL had to follow us all the way to our airport hotel, drop off our stuff, then turn around and drive all the way back past our house and another hour to his own house. Of course he did it all with a smile and positive words.   That man is a saint! 

We finally got settled in the room, gave FVB a bath (staining every single towel in the hotel bathroom), read stories, and explored the hotel room until FVB surrendered to sleep around 830. Hubs and I did get that glass of wine we had dreamed about, along with dinner, around 9 pm.  Thank goodness for alcohol on days like these!

After a restless night, we were up by 530 and on our way to our seperate journies.  FVB is currently passed out in his carrier on the plane as I write this, and hubs and the dogs are far below us, hopefully having a safe drive.  Stay tuned to hear what happens next…it’ll be an adventure for sure! 




  1. Sue

    Wow! Fun to read about your last hours in Colorado! Hope your journey is safe. Can’t wait to visit!


  2. Gramma Nell

    Chelsea, I love each and every word of your journal. I know someday you will be a famous author. we love you. G & G


  3. Cousin Cathleen Jr.

    Quite hilarious indeed. Took me a bit to figure out what all the “initials” stood for 🙂 Baby is gorgeous and not at all a “Fat Vegan Baby.” So, happy you are moving close to home and I’m sure you will all miss the wonderful FIL, as he will you. Can’t wait to see you again and squeeze that babe’s face!! OMG…he’s just precious!


  4. Judy

    I’m exhausted simply because I felt just like I was there through the whole process – you are amazing Chel….safe travels to all of you and welcome home!


  5. tmm

    I am very nervous about measuring up the the awesomeness that is FIL! He has set the bar sooooooo high!! But here’s hoping the visits will be frequent and long!! So happy to have FVB, and FVB’s mommy & daddy here w/ us!! Let the kissing begin!! Already it is more than I could have ever hoped for!!


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