Here is a list of reasons why I/we have been MIA:

  1. We had a nightmare closing experience in the purchase of our new home
  2. My Word Press App failed on both my phone and ipad
  3. Our computer crashed

Oh, and also (my new excuse for everything): I HAVE A TODDLER.

Don't let my cry face fool you, I'm having a blast!
Don’t let my cry face fool you, I’m having a blast!

It’s true, our sweet, fat, vegan baby has turned into a very stubborn little toddler.  He’s adorable, and still sweet, but he sure does have strong opinions and a very loud voice.  Toddlers should be their own breed of humans, seriously.  I was talking to my sister the other day, who also has a toddler, and she was describing her son’s new fascination with his…. well, his anus.  He has recently learned to take his own diaper off and loves exploring his butt and surrounding areas (he demonstrated this for me on FaceTime the other day).  She was concerned to the point that she wanted to call her doctor’s office and ask them about it.  I told her that I’m sure it was just something to file under “bizarre toddler behavior.”

FVB is a typical toddler in that he has a very strong opinion about most things, doesn’t want help with anything, and can’t use any words to tell you what he does or doesn’t want.  That means we have a lot of interactions like this: (I have written this up nicely for you in the form of a play, but FVB doesn’t speak, so his part will be in italics to symbolize an action).

FVB: takes his cup out of the cabinet and holds it up to me

Me: “You want Mama to get you some water?”  Fills up cup with water and puts top on

FVB:  Furiously shakes his head while grabbing the cut out of my hand and pulling at the top

Me:  “You want the top off?”  takes top off

FVB:  Furiously shaking his head and pushing the cup back at me

Me:  “You want the top on?”  Putting top back on and handing it back to him

FVB: Grabs the cup and throws it violently on the floor, then throws himself on the floor sobbing

Seriously.  What?

I’ve been reading a lot about toddler behavior, brain development, parenting, etc.  Sometimes this helps, sometimes it makes it worse.  Hubs and I send things back and forth to each other to read and then have text conversations while I am nursing FVB to sleep at night about how we are going to parent a toddler.  So far we haven’t come up with any answers.  I think that it does help to read about child development and how the brain develops just so that you don’t feel like a crazy person.   The main take away that I have is that toddlers are not capable of handling big emotions on their own and need help, so the best thing that you can do is remain calm.  I should probably write a book on parenting with that level of insight, huh???

I love pulling wallpaper off of the wall!
I love pulling wallpaper off of the wall!

In other news, our upstairs is in full renovation mode.  FVB loves peeling wallpaper off of the wall, so that’s a fun activity to do together.  He’s not the fastest worker, but he gets the job done!  He also loves weeding, which is actually really quite helpful.  And we actually did hire some guys to do the wallpaper removal and painting, but sometimes it’s fun to just pull random pieces of wallpaper off.  We are also getting new carpets, as lovely as the soft mauve color is.  It’s been a little bit unsettled upstairs as this is going on, but FVB is loving it.  Yesterday he got into the (closed) room and came out with a bucket of paint in his hands.  Luckily the carpet is getting replaced!!

To end this post, I’m going to share a beautiful picture that my cousin took of FVB and I while she was visiting.  She took over 200 pictures and they are AMAZING.  I’m sharing the one below because I think that it’s important to remember, in the thick of this craziness, that I am so beyond lucky to be the mama of this little boy.  One day he will be off into the world without me, and I want to remember these sweet moments together.   If you don’t want to see nipple, don’t look.




  1. Sue

    Very funny, warm, delightful post Chel! LOVE IT!!! XOXO


  2. tmm

    I think that last phrase you wrote: “IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE A NIPPLE, DON’T LOOK” would make a good tattoo for you. Such a common sense message for those who seem to come up a bit short on that commodity! Beautiful picture of a beautiful mama and baby. . .


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