Late night rants


“You will never influence the world by trying to be like it.”

See my spray painted file cabinet in the background??
See my spray painted file cabinet in the background?? I love spray painting things.  I pulled a lamp out of someone’s trash and carried it home the other day and I can’t WAIT to spray paint it and prove to hubs that trash CAN be treasure.  Either that or it’ll sit in our garage for 6 months and he’ll sneak it into the garbage one day….

My mother-in-law recently visited and gave me a beautiful print with this quote written on it.  I love it, not only because it perfectly matches my peacock inspired craft room/office, but because I love the message behind it.  (Side note: my peacock themed craft/office space is not quite ready to be photographed, but soon!)  I love the concept of not “being like the world” and going against the mainstream.  Being vegan feels like that pretty much every day, since the world is so meat-centered and there is animal exploitation at every turn. Over the weekend, during a quick trip to a nearby town for shopping, we encountered a horse drawn carriage pulling people around and a super sad little reindeer in the tiniest little pen.  Most people don’t give much thought to these things, but stuff like this really gets to me.  People have various ways of arguing about this and wondering why I seem to care so much about animals and their rights.  A lot of people are also pretty dismissive of these things in general (“Oh, the horses are fine and it’s a fun tradition,” or “The reindeer is so sweet and quiet, I’m sure he loves the attention”).  To me these things are not easily dismissed and they stick with me.  Not because I think these animals are necessarily being abused (hey, the reindeer could live a pretty nice little life outside of his tiny little pen on most other days of the year), but because humans are so quick to just assume that we can and should do whatever we want with animals, just because we can.  I don’t like that attitude and encountering it really bugs me.  So I suppose being vegan, and writing about/talking about what I see wrong with the way we view animals is my small way of trying to influence the world (or just one person.  I’d be happy with that).  Just some things to think about…

In other fun news, I’m sitting here typing while hubs is entertaining FVB at his little craft table in our peacock room because I’m a little bit at the end of my rope with bed time tonight.  FVB has recently decided that he doesn’t really like the whole bedtime thing, and he’s not going to stick with the usual routine of bath, stories, milk, sleep.  Now our routine looks more like:  bath, stories, milk, truck video, milk, story, crying for truck video, story with daddy, crying to get down from the bed, milk, story, drawing, and on and on.  I looked at hubs tonight and said “Do you have any ideas?”  and he didn’t.  Neither did I, so here we are.  Another fun new habit that FVB has developed is biting.  My cousin was visiting with his (4!) children and so far FVB has bitten 50% of them.  Hubs and I also had the same unenlightened conversation referenced above about this.  Is every other parent this clueless?!?

He took 35 other similar images in less than 2 minutes. See the smile? It's like he KNOWS what a little imp he is!
Sorry for the blurry image, it was taken on the iPad. He took 35 other similar images in less than 2 minutes. See the smile? It’s like he KNOWS what a little imp he is!

FVB has developed quite a vocabulary and loves to command the people around him with his one word directives.  His favorites are: “UP,” “SIT,” “DOWN,” “COME,” and “HELP.”  If you can’t follow a verbal command, he also likes to utilize a little push to encourage you to get up and sit where he wants you to.  He’s like a tiny dictator.  Just to be clear, we aren’t TOTAL pushovers when it comes to our mini commander in chief.  Just yesterday I told him he would have to wait until I was done with dinner before I would come and play trucks with him. I had a stomach ache all night from scarfing my food down so fast, but dammit he WAITED. To keep us from dropping him at the nearest safe haven, he does ridiculously cute and sweet things, like spontaneous dancing and kissing his baby cousin (with tongue, but without teeth).  I worry about the upcoming stages, which are, according to my friend raising THREE boys: Terrible Two’s, Three-nager (instead of teenager), and (cover your eyes, Gramma) Little F*#cker Fours. And almost every single moment of my day I think: Imagine if I also had a newborn! and quiver in fear.  This sh*t is not for the faint of heart, or for people who like hot coffee and personal space.

But then.... the sweetness.
But then…. the sweetness. The baby looks terrified. 

There are my rants for the night people.  Time to go stare at the clock and wonder if bedtime will ever come.


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