Lasagna Roll Ups! 



Summertime means watermelon! Yum!
OK, I found this roll up idea somewhere on Pinterest but have no idea where.  I made these once a few months ago and loved them, so when KK (mom/grandma) suggested lasagna for dinner, I immediately searched in vain for the recipe.  I enjoyed drinking coffee and sitting down while doing this, and probably searched for longer than was truly necessary, but FVB was napping and I love sitting with hot coffee.  I could not find it, so wrote up my own loose recipe to share with you.  It’s pretty forgiving!  Basically you need: lasagna noodles (2-3 per person), marinara (we used jarred), cashew ricotta, and kale/spinach. For 4 adults and one baby, we used 12 noodles, one jar marinara, several handfuls of greens, and all of the cashew ricotta recipe linked below.  I made the cashew ricotta in the Vitamix while hubs cooked the noodles and greens.  Then we assembled together.  They were a hit with the adults AND with FVB, who ate some leftovers for breakfast.  

Cook lasagna noodles according to package directions.  When done, drain and lay on paper towels to absorb excess moisture.  Meanwhile, make your cashew ricotta.  I used this recipe, but there are tons out there!  My only advice is to be careful with the lemon.  I’d add a little at a time and taste test as you go.  Ours was a bit too lemony for my taste. 

Sauté your greens with a little water and salt.  We used a few handfuls of kale and ran out after only 8 roll ups, so more is better!  You could also do broccoli, mushrooms, peppers… any veggie really. Set aside cooked greens to cool.

Prepare your baking dish by covering the bottom with marinara. 

Now assemble!  Lay out one noodle at a time, smear with ricotta, top with greens, then lay seam side down into your prepared dish.  Top with more marinara.  Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes, then check.  Ours were piping hot in 20 minutes! 

Assembly…dont stuff them too full or they won’t roll up easily!
Pre-baking. Forgot to take a photo after they were cooked!

We served them with garlic bread and a large salad with fresh garden greens.  Nothing like gardening in NY in the summer!!  We had plenty of food for the 4+ of us; 12 roll ups total with 3 left over. Yes, I ate the most. Yes, it was me who ate the leftovers.  Yes, I had seconds on garlic bread.  FVB is a growing boy who still loves his milky. I HAVE to stuff my face with delicious food in order to provide for his needs 🙂 

Let me know if you make these and how they turn out!


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