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OK, I’m about to go on a serious tangent about veganism.  Once I am done with the rant, I will share fun facts about FVB and links to some recipes I have been making.  Scroll past my rant to FVB’s cute photo if you like. Otherwise, read on. You have been warned.

One thing I sometimes struggle with is talking to other people about my diet.  I feel extremely passionate about my choice to be vegan, but I generally avoid discussions about it. I’m not entirely sure why this is. I guess my attitude has always been “to each his/her own;” is it really my business what you eat anymore than it’s your business what I eat?

Side note:  MOST people in my life are very supportive and non judge-y about my diet.  For example, my sweet sister-in-law who cooked an almost entirely vegan Thanksgiving with not one complaint.  Another example, my two uncles-in-law who recently cooked a DIVINE Indian inspired meal that was vegan friendly. Plus my mom is vegan and my sister is vegetarian.  So I am quite lucky in that department.  I really shouldn’t complain.  But I will anyway.

One thing that really gets to me though is the misinformation out there and peoples’ complete misunderstanding of the dietary needs of humans.  Case in point: we were at a gathering recently where food was served. There was meat there, in addition to vegan options. As hubs was filling his plate, I  over heard someone ask: “so, do you eat…stuff? Like, real food?” (ie:meat and dairy).


What is this implying? That vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc are not REAL FOOD but dead carcasses and fluid from cows IS?

The next question, predictably was, “but don’t you worry about protein? And other nutrients?”

No. Just…no.

In scenarios like this, I have mixed feelings.  One part of me wants to share what I know and educate people about the healthfulness of a vegan diet, the harmfulness of eating animal products (both to your body and the environment), and the delicious, REAL foods that vegans eat every day.  The other part of me wants to shake said person and yell “WAKE UP!!!” Millions of animals are living tortured existences, pumped with antibiotics, and mercilessly slaughtered everyday so that you can eat their bodies and drink the milk meant for their babies.  Shouldn’t I be asking YOU if you eat real food?

So I usually do neither. I just say, in a neutral tone, “actually, you can get all the nutrients you need by eating a vegan diet and taking a b12 supplement.”

Deep breath.

Rant over.

Loving this vitamin C mom!
Loving this vitamin C mom!

In other news, FVB is fighting his first cold so we are loading up on vitamin c foods!  We learned this week that cold germs spread CRAZY fast. I hosted my usual play group this week and one new mommy came…with a baby whose nose was POURING snot. Every single baby got a cold within 48 hours. Plus both me and hubs. I’m trying not to be mad at this new mommy, but c’mon. Common sense. Our nights have been less than ideal and FVB is a tad grumpy. Poor guy. We are hoping it clears up by Christmas!

Sure, I can read.
Sure, I can read.

FVB is totally into his new books from one set of his many Grandparents (blended families on both sides=a lot of Grandparents). I am in love with this author, Linda Kranz. Her books have great messages about being yourself, accepting others, appreciating the world around you, etc etc. The colors and patterns are great for little eyes to look at, too. FVB mostly enjoys “turning” the pages and inserting them into his mouth, or using the book as a drum. And we basically get through 1-2 pages before he’s wiggling to get down. That will change fast though and I’m looking forward to when he enjoys story time. In the meantime, I enjoy reading these books to myself (and to be honest I did actually tear up at one of them. And so did his Grandma).

BIG NEWS from our household…… FVB took his first solo steps!  He’s been desperately trying to walk for weeks and we’ve been “practicing” every night (having him walk between hubs and I, holding onto our hands).  He definitely is over confident and just sort of takes off, pushing your hands away, assuming that either a). he will suddenly be able to walk alone or b). someone will catch him.He hasn’t figured out the whole falling business yet and just sort of lets go and starts falling backwards, with a completely stiff body.  So I wouldn’t say he is walking, but he will be really soon! We’re still unsure if he will ever crawl. Whatever works!

Food wise, hubs has done a bunch of cooking for us since he’s been home.  Some favorites:

1. Vegan pancakes for breakfast (blueberries in mine, plain for hubs).  We are lazy and buy the Log Cabin pancake mix and use flax eggs.  Pancake making is really all about the correct temperature on the griddle, so I am terrible at it (I am extremely impatient).  Hubs is much better at this, so therefore we have been enjoying pancakes regularly since he’s been home. FVB enjoys them, too!

2. Chick’n pot pie for dinner…..lots of yum. The pot pies were DELICIOUS.  They don’t actually call for chick’n, but hubs added in those new Beyond Meat chick’n strips.  Have you tried them?  They’re pretty good if you’re into the “fake meat” products.

3. I’m enjoying some dessert making.  I tried these brownies (verdict- delicious). And I tried these candies (verdict-delicious but too much work).  The cashew butter that you make as part of this recipe is amazing.  If you don’t want to do the whole crazy recipe, at least try the cashew butter part.  I used this recipe. Read the whole thing, it’s funny!  Also, it did not take my food processor that long to turn the cashews into cashew butter.  Maybe my food processor is just that much more awesome than hers.

4. This yummy salad dressing.  I’m obsessed with putting tumeric in everything, so this is perfect.  I did not use Greek yogurt, but used vegan mayo instead.  And maple syrup instead of honey.

That’s all for now!  This post has been sitting, waiting to be published…but forgotten about during our travel/holiday celebrations. We are in Texas with family and may or may not be writing.  Cheers to 2015!

Do you like my double chin?  I'm very proud of it.
Do you like my double chin? I’m very proud of it.





  1. tmm

    Love the vegan rant! I have those mental exercises all the time! FVB seems to have gotten even cuter since last posting, if that’s even possible!!


  2. Holly Gallup

    When we make vegan pancakes or any other baked item that calls for eggs, we substitute apple sauce. It’s amazing. 1/3 cup apple sauce for a large egg and 1/4 cup Apple sauce for a regular egg. I thought it was going to be gross but it turned out excellent. I would use Apple sauce in place of eggs now even if I wasn’t vegan.


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