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Hi friends!  If you follow our Facebook page, you have probably seen our pictures from the weekend we spent at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.  It was incredible!    

We enjoyed time with the animals, delicious food, and some pretty inspirational speakers.  When you’re a vegan/animal rights advocate, these speakers are basically celebrities/heroes.  Of course I couldn’t possibly bring myself to speak to any of them, aside from a comment IN PASSING to Kip Anderson, the director/producer of Cowspiracy.* He was standing in the back of the room following the screening of the film and I had to walk right past him to leave, but the best I could do was touch his arm, while continuing to walk, and say”great movie, thank you.”  I’m so awkward.  Hubs, of course, stopped and had a nice 5 minute chat with him.  Gene Bauer, who started and is the President of Farm Sanctuary (and is one of the biggest names out there in the animal rights movement) was in attendance, but I OBVIOUSLY stayed clear of him.  Who would want to chat with that guy when given the rare opportunity?!  My people skills are severely lacking. 

 *You MUST see this movie if you care at all about the state of our environment.  It is so eye opening. 

Daddy and FVB bonding with a sheep!
So what was FVB up to this whole time you ask??  Just having the time of his life with KK.  She took over and let me & hubs attend all of the speakers.  We even held hands while we watched, so it was almost like a date! Highlights of FVB’s experience included: 

  • Sleeping/playing in a tent
  • Running up and down the various ramps
  • Playing in the back of the catering truck
  • Sitting on the tractor
  • Splashing in mud puddles

Oh, and I suppose interacting with the animals! He was a bit nervous about most of the animals, but he did touch all of them and liked feeding the turkeys and chickens.  It was hard to see the turkeys; they suffer quite a bit due to the hormones they are given to make them grow so fast. They instinctually like to roost, but they get so heavy that they can’t fly, therefore they can’t roost.  One had to be all bandaged up because she had sores in her body from laying down so much.  They have the absolute best possible life at the sanctuary, but they still suffer the effects of factory farming. 

The man filming is Kip Anderson!

It was sweet to watch FVB and the other kids interacting with the animals. It is a true representation of how compassion towards animals is second nature.  No child would ever choose to support animal cruelty or slaughter, and would certainly not eat meat if they knew what it was and how it was raised and killed.  I’m so glad that FVB could experience seeing and interacting with farm animals in this setting, and I can’t wait to take him back next year! 

The cows are HUGE!!

The very best part, of course, was meeting our adoptee, Marge! She was so sweet and friendly; she lives in a bit of a segregated area of the sanctuary because she is best friends with a “biter.” The staff is great at assessing the animals temperaments, their social interactions, and their needs.  They keep friends together, and also separate those that may not get along.  Marge started out in the somewhat segregated area, as they assessed her needs.  While she was there, she bonded with a particular pig that wound up being a biter and needed to stay a bit segregated, so Marge stayed too! 

It’s true that pigs love mud!

Please visit to find out more about this amazing place and to donate what you can.  We can’t wait to go back! 


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