Almost every omni that I know has this crazy obsession with bacon.  I can’t say that I get it, because I’ve never eaten meat and in my eyes, bacon=pig.  And the thought of eating a sweet, intelligent creature (that is actually smarter than FVB is currently) just doesn’t sit right with me.  So, when I ran across this recipe for coconut bacon while browsing Pinterest, I was intrigued and figured I’d give it a shot!

You have all these ingredients in your cupboard.....right?
You have all these ingredients in your cupboard…..right?

It’s super easy, quick, and I thought it turned out really yummy.  But, my opinion doesn’t really count in this matter since I’ve never eaten bacon.  Here’s how it went down with hubs*:

Me:  We’re having BLT’s for dinner!

Hubs:  Yum!  Wait, what’s the B?

Me:  Remember, I told you I was making that cool coconut bacon recipe I found on Pinterest.

Hubs:  (eyes glaze over when the word Pinterest enters the conversation)

*this is a made up version of our conversation.  I do not make a habit of recording our conversations and then transcribing them for the blog.  That’s an interesting thought, though…..

After making our sandwiches (toasted bread, Just Mayo, sliced tomato, romaine lettuce, and coconut bacon) and taking a few bites:

Me:  I think it’s delicious!  What do you think?

Hubs:  It’s really good.  But it’s not bacon.  I think it’s deceiving to call it bacon.  I mean, it tastes nothing like bacon.

After finishing his entire sandwich:

Hubs: Man, I think I’ll make another one.  I mean, I’d say you should just make a giant batch of that stuff and keep it around at all times.  Is there enough for my lunch tomorrow?

This is not bacon. But it’s damn delicious.

So there you have it. His verdict appears to be that it’s nothing like bacon but it’s still delicious.   Do with that what you will.  FVB wasn’t impressed, as per usual.  He managed to get a small taste into his mouth and immediately spit it out.  He did like the tomato part of the meal, and the fruit.  Hey, you win some, you lose some.

Sandwiches for dinner!
Sandwiches for dinner!

OK, that’s all!  Try this recipe out if you are brave and let me know what you think!

This is not a picture from the dinner that I just wrote about.  But FVB is smiling, so I'm posting it.
This is not a picture from the dinner that I just wrote about. But FVB is smiling, so I’m posting it.

Happy Eating!



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  1. tmm

    Sounds delightful! I’ll be making it soon, I’m sure, though I’ll have to go buy liquid smoke, which I have never purchased in my life, but am most willing!! Cute smiling pic of fvb – most adorable boy!


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