Eating For Two


When you become a new mom, your baby is everyone’s business.  How much he weighs, what he eats, how he’s sleeping, and whether or not he’s a “good” baby.  Just the other day I was in Starbucks and the woman in line with me asked me if I was breastfeeding.  I am, and I really have no issue with telling people this, but it’s strange to me that perfect strangers ask.  People also comment all the time on FVB’s weight and stare incredulously when I tell them his age. I mean, he’s only in the 60th percentile! I can’t imagine the poor moms who have babies in the 90th! (OK, I can imagine. My mom was one of them. People told her often that my sister and I would grow up to be line backers, mistaking us for boys. To be fair, we were dressed exclusively in hand-me-downs from my boy cousins and were bald until age 2. And we certainly weren’t wearing those ridiculous bow headbands that girl babies sport these days).  I’m proud of FVB’s weight, though, so I just smile.  And feel thankful that he’s a boy.

Keep eating mom, my double chin is counting on you!
Keep eating mom, my double chin is counting on you!

I know FVB is healthy and putting in weight accordingly, and I use this often to justify my eating.  I eat A LOT.  Like a crazy amount.  Often, and in large quantities.  Lately I’ve been devouring the peanut butter I found at Costco, which is surprisingly totally natural (ingredients: peanuts, salt) and delicious. I enjoy it the following ways:

  • on a spoon, directly out of the container
  • spread on crackers
  • spread on celery
  • spread on carrots
  • mixed with melted chocolate
  • in a PB&J
  • on a waffle
  • in a wrap with a banana

I could go on, but I’m getting hungry just writing about it.  I will leave you with this divine recipe from Angela at Oh She Glows.  She uses almond butter but PNB works just as well.  I used to make these all the damn time. I even bought a larger mini cupcake tray so that I could double the batch.  Eventually I  had to stop because I was literally eating a half a batch a day and becoming slightly obsessed. Once, when FVB was a newborn and my sister was visiting, she found the last few of my batch in the fridge and served them to my in laws. I died a little inside as I watched them being eaten.

I may or may not have eaten all three of these…
I may or may not have eaten all three of these…

I made a batch of 12 yesterday and I’ve only eaten 4.  Not bad! They will be gone before the weekend ends, guaranteed.




  1. Sue

    Every time I look at FVB it makes my day brighter! Glad to know there is another PB junkie out there. Can’t wait to try to recipe!


  2. tmm

    Wow, reading that blog made me incredibly hungry. I was going to have a smoothie for breakfast. Guess I’ll slam a little peanut butter in it!! (Sadly for me I am not nursing a baby at the present time, and must be mindful of calories consumed. But it’ll be worth it!)


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