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Hubs planted a garden this year (sort of randomly and hastily, IMHO).  I was certain that nothing would grow besides weeds and was not shy about telling him so… is my custom.  However, I was VERY wrong, and he grew some delish veggies, including lettuce, kale, and carrots.  He has some peppers coming in now and the zucchinis are flowering, too.  I have been using the kale and lettuce several times per week and it keeps growing more!

FVB and I were out checking out the garden the other day, something that we do often when we need a break from being inside.  FVB loves being outside!  Ever since he was a newborn, we used it as a trick to distract him from crying, which he did many hours of the day (we DO NOT miss those days).  After checking out the carrots, we noticed the “shoulders” were showing.  Hubs did some research and we figured…..time to harvest!

Maybe a bit small?
Maybe a bit small?

Turns out maybe we jumped the gun a bit. I cleaned them and roasted them with a bunch of other veggies in the toaster oven.  Roasting veggies is a quick easy way to use up any random veggies you have laying around that you don’t know what to do with.  In this batch I did cherry tomatoes, carrots, onions, and zucchini.  I just cut them all up, toss with a bit of oil, and roast for maybe 30 minutes @ 400.  The carrots were really good, even though they were tiny.  We have another batch that we left growing, so maybe they will be a bit more substantial.

I was left with a big ole handful of carrot tops and it seemed shameful to waste them.  When we used to get carrots from the CSA, I would chop up the tops and use them in salads.  This time though, I wanted to try making them into pesto.  I stuck them in a mason jar with some water overnight and made the pesto the next day.

Ready for pesto!
Ready for pesto!

Carrot tops make great pesto!  I just treat them like any other herb.  Sometimes I add spinach, sometimes not.  The basics for a good vegan pesto are:

Olive Oil

An herb



Some people like Nutritional Yeast, I could personally take it or leave it.  I put the (cleaned) carrot tops into the food processor with a handful of walnuts and a few cloves of garlic.  Pulsed it a few times, then turned it on while I added the oil in. I didn’t measure anything, just went by sight.  It turned out perfectly and we ate it atop the roasted veggies and some quinoa.

And for dessert………


PB cake from the vegan market, coconut ice cream, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm……….

I definitely need to figure out how to make this PB cake.



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  1. tmm

    Carrot top pesto is a very original, great idea!!! Never would have thought of it, and would have just tossed those tops into the stock pot for boiling. Now, I would like to requrest that FVB be shown in every blog post please. Carrot tops and PB Cake are lovely to look at, but do not compare to his adorable face. Just saying. . . .


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