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So we are moving in two days and I am surrounded by chaos…I think it’s a perfect time to sit on my butt and write a blog post!

(Side note: I finally installed the WordPress app on my phone, so now I can do quick posts from my phone using voice to text!! Prepare to be hearing from me a lot more often. It makes me feel like a total crazy person sitting at my house talking to no one into my phone, but it is so much easier than typing on a tiny keypad. Is there a limit to how many sentences you can put inside one parentheses?)

Also just as another note, I am not getting paid from Beyond Meat for this review I see other bloggers sometimes say this on their blogs and I feel like I have to give you a disclaimer, even though I have never been paid by anyone to review anything. Is that even a real thing? If so, I have to get on that. This review is just coming from the goodness of my heart and wanting to share with others who may be have not tried this product! Okay finally here goes…

We tried these new burgers from Beyond Meat. They come in a 2-pack, which is strange because most veggie burgers at least come with four in a pack.…and they were pretty pricey ($5). So basically you are paying about twice as much for these burgers then you would for an ordinary veggie burger. 


In an effort to maintain my sanity, I am not doing much cooking these last few days in the house since the majority of my kitchen is packed up! I grabbed these burgers the other day at the store, along with two rolls and some Chao cheese.  Honestly, I pretty much chose them because they were called BEAST burgers and I knew hubs would really like that! It makes them seem super manly. The package is sort of yelling at you to try them and be manly.  23 g of protein!!! What is more manly than protein?!?!

They were really easy to cook, you just heat a little oil on a pan on the stove top and cook them for about four minutes each side. We had ours with tomato, lettuce, Ketchup, and Just Mayo.  They would probably be way better on the grill, but we sold our grill so…stovetop it was!   They also would have tasted better if I let the cheese melt, but I was in a huge rush to eat (as usual) and didn’t have time to wait for it to fully melt. 


Verdict from hubs: “pretty good.” 

Verdict from me: I thought that they were very good, but really no better than the Amy’s burgers that we had been enjoying previously (quarter pounders!)   I really like most veggie burgers, even the ones that have visible veggies, but hubs really likes a burger that is more similar to a meat burger. So overall I would say he was more satisfied with these than I was! I think these burgers are probably good for people who are trying to cater to an omni. Otherwise, for the price I would just stick with Amy’s or Gardenburger. Or, better yet, make your own. But honestly…(say it with me) ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Happy Monday peeps! 



  1. Jessica

    Thanks for the review! We love Beyond Meat chicken strips but the burgers seem too pricy, even if you combine Whole Foods coupons with BM coupons to get $2 off. We love the Gardein burgers cooked with a little palm oil, both the regular ones and the black bean. Have you tried those? Sounds like your hubs would like them, we are not big on the Gardenburger type. Also, we recently discovered Chao much to the dismay of my food budget! That stuff is glorious!


    1. chellyk17

      We haven’t tried those but I’ll look for them next time I’m shopping! Thanks for the tip. Chao cheese is amazing…definitely a once in a while treat though 🙂


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