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One of the “new” fads in baby world is Baby Led Weaning.  The website has some interesting stuff, and explains it really well with just this statement: “Baby Led Weaning, quite simply, means letting your child feed themselves from the very start of weaning.”

Now, don’t get confused by the use of the word ‘weaning.’  In the UK, it means ‘adding complementary foods,’ not giving up breast feeding. Clearly, FVB is not giving up breast feeding (if he has it his way, he’ll be nursing until he’s 7.  I’m still figuring out what I’m going to do about weaning. Don’t judge me if I’m one of “those” moms that breast feeds their toddler…it’s seeming more and more likely that that will be the case).

For now we are enjoying eating real food AND drinking breast milk.  So far (2 months in), he enjoys the following foods:

1. Apples

2. Avocados

3. Sweet potatoes

4. Tomatoes

5. Cucumbers

6. Carrots

7. Peppers

8. Pickles

9. Blueberries

10. Pineapple

OK, I’m done listing because it would take too long to list everything he’s tried and liked! In addition to whole fruits and veggies, he also likes trying what we are eating (pasta, burritos, tofu scramble, veggies burgers, soup, etc.) I just give him small tastes of whatever we are eating and he (mostly) eats it right up.

Cucumbers are so yummy!
Cucumbers are so yummy!

I’ve found he really enjoys doing it himself and usually pushes my hand away if I try to feed him something. The BLW website says not to put food into their mouths…but I do.  He’s still developing his pincer grip, so sometimes the food doesn’t quite make it into his mouth, so I help. Also, some stuff (like hummus or soup) is harder for him to eat on his own. Typically, we sit down to meals 2-3 times per day and put small bites on his tray to explore. Sometimes he eats a lot, sometimes he refuses to even try.  I’m OK with either.

The other day we were out to lunch and I ordered iced tea with extra lemon slices in the side.  FVB immediately lunged for the lemon slices and I thought, ‘why not?’ Could be funny!’ We watched, waiting for the sour face…and it never came! He happily sucked on a lemon slice for several minutes. The kid hates banana but loves lemons. Go figure. It’s fun to let him explore and figure out on his own what he likes/doesn’t like. Who am I to judge if he likes straight lemons? It’s good preparation for all of the lime chasers he will be doing after tequila shots in college.

What's wrong with eating straight lemon?
What’s wrong with eating straight lemon?

In other news, we did this test kitchen vegan quiche and it was AMAZING.  Very similar in taste and texture to traditional egg quiche.  We used a store bought pie crust (Marie Callendars brand is vegan) and used corn starch instead of potato starch.  I have a piece in the freezer now to see how it freezes.  I’m also planning in making it into mini quiche muffins for a more portable breakfast.  Hubs starts the new job at the beginning of January and will have a bit of a commute.  So we need easy, portable breakfasts that he can eat while driving.  I’m still working on ideas.

That’s all for now. The Venti Starbucks coffee I had at 8am is finally wearing off. We had a craptastic night of not really sleeping last night and I’m about ready to turn in (currently 4:20 pm). Maybe wine first though…priorities.







  1. tmm

    There is nothing wrong w/ turning in at 4:20 if that’s what you want to do.

    I think I detected a little bit of a pucker in his lemon tasting picture!!


  2. Charlotte

    Great to hear you’ll likely be nursing full term! In fact it’s recommended for vegan babies and toddlers. I’m tandem nursing my toddler and baby and have started blw this time around with bub. She’s loving it. So great reading about other vegan mums and bubs! He looks stoked with his cucumber!


    1. chellyk17

      Thanks for visiting Charlotte! Yes, the plan is to go as long as it’s working for us both. I’d say it’s recommended for all babies, vegan or not!! Tandem nursing sounds terrifying– that’s amazing that you are doing that for your littles. Glad to hear from another vegan mama! Have a great day!


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