Babies are Awkward


FVB has been a busy boy the last few weeks!  Walking like crazy ON HIS OWN, falling a bit, and socializing up a storm.  We took a bit of a last minute trip to Steamboat this past weekend and he had a puppy to play with, which was truly adorable.  They loved each other (after some initial trepidation on the puppy’s part).  I think the best part about baby/puppy relationships is that they are both slightly awkward in the area of “social skills.”  Puppies jump, lick, and nip; babies stare, touch inappropriately, and bite. FVB loves people and stares openly at anyone and everyone. People (of course) think he’s adorable, so they talk to him and try to get him to respond with a smile.  He generally keeps a straight face and stares until I either move along or wind up talking to complete strangers about his sleeping/eating/general demeanor. The other week I took him to an indoor pool, complete with fountains, slides, a moving lap pool (seriously, the water moves you around in a loop), and various water features to play in. It was amazing. It was zero entry and is shallow for most of it, so FVB could walk around in it, with me holding his hand. There was a particular man there with his kids that FVB was fascinated by and kept moving us closer and closer. He was slightly…hairy. And by slightly I mean he was basically wearing a sweater of body hair.  As FVB got closer and closer, he began reaching out his chubby hands and I just KNEW he was going for a handful of sweater hair.  I kept redirecting him AWAY from the man, and he kept circling back.  Finally I had to carry him away and take a loop in the moving lap pool to distract him.  Awkwardness averted.

I'm super fun and not awkward at all. Please be my friend!
I’m super fun and not awkward at all. Please be my friend!

He has lots of baby friends, too, and they are equally as awkward.  His one little “girlfriend” likes to roll over onto other babies’ laps.  It’s adorable.  FVB responds by grabbing ahold of her shirt and pulling her towards him with his mouth wide open.  They also all try to pull themselves up on each other… one will be standing, and the others flock to the standing one and grab ahold anywhere, clawing their way up.  Basically it’s like watching a group of drunk people stumble around and try to interact with each other.  Awkward, funny, but unlike with drunk people, cute.

In food news, I’ve been on a smoothie kick.  I’ve been using recipes from my Oh She Glows cookbook and they are super yummy and filling.  Sometimes I drink a smoothie for breakfast and don’t need to eat again until lunch! (This is huge for me, considering I almost always eat a second breakfast). Ground flax seed, chia seeds, almond milk, and peanut butter help bulk the smoothies up, plus yummies like dates, bananas, cinnamon, and vanilla extract make them taste delicious.  I also throw in a handful of spinach just for fun (in this case, fun=iron). Oh, and if I haven’t finished my coffee by the time it’s ready to blend, I throw that in too. 

I know it LOOKS like I'm eating…but I'll spit it out, don't worry!
I know it LOOKS like I’m eating…but I’ll spit it out, don’t worry!

FVB continues to fear the blender, to the point where he reaches for me to pick him up when he sees me getting it out.  He also refuses to try the smoothies…maybe his fear of the blender drives him to avoid whatever comes out of it?  I think that’s stretching it a bit considering he doesn’t eat anything at all, no matter the source (besides breastmilk, fresh from the “tap”).  Or guacamole, sometimes applesauce, and blueberries. And the occasional tomato. So it’s true that I’m actually eating for two. I definitely need all the calories I can get and am required to eat at least 6x per day. My baby is counting on me! (What am I going to do when I stop breastfeeding?!?!?!?)

Also, you must try these potato patty things I made.  HOLY DELICIOUS. I’m not kidding. In addition to being delicious… they have kale! And quinoa! I’ve made them twice already. Do it, you won’t regret it.  My next fun food adventure is going to be making bagels.  And chia seed jam.  And by “next” I mean sometime in the next 6 months.

OK, finally going to publish this!  I’ve had it written and ready to go, waiting to add pictures and links for about 2 weeks.  Sigh.  I just can’t get everything synced (ipad, iphone, imac, ibaby) and I wind up writing/adding pictures/editing from all three sources at various times in the day/night.  Currently, FVB is crawling around on the floor now, looking for anything to put into his mouth that isn’t food.  Cue sound of choking……



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