At least there’ll be dinner…


This morning when hubby left for work, FVB and I were lounging in his nursery rocking chair (invest in a good one, you’ll spend a lot of time here).  FVB was just dozing off and I was reading and enjoying my first cup of coffee. We’ve fallen into a bit of a pattern these days- hubby gets up with FVB and does his diaper and PJ change, enjoying some male bonding time while I enjoy a bit of baby free time in bed.  When he has to get ready for work, FVB and I snuggle up for nursing and his first nap of the day.  FVB is still figuring out this whole “napping” thing.  A lot of people might think  ‘oh, babies sleep a lot so you must have a lot of time to do your housework and cooking.’  They probably picture a sweet baby napping for hours in his crib, the nursery door closed and mommy working away.   FVB would define napping as ‘a time to doze, on and off, intermittently rubbing my face on mommy’s chest, clawing at her with my too long nails, and whining, while mommy holds me and nurses me on demand.’ Baby sleep experts (how do you get to be one of those???) would tell me that I need to train my baby to nap better so that it works with my schedule and lifestyle.  I say, go with what works for your baby.  FVB gets some solid sleeping time in (the whining, clawing, and head rubbing are only featured as he is trying to go to sleep, not for the whole nap), and hey, my schedule/lifestyle is dictated by FVB. Besides, who doesn’t want to start their day by holding their sleeping baby, drinking coffee, and reading?

Anyway, lucky for me I stay home with FVB and can be flexible with a schedule.  Today we’ve been in the nursery chair for 3 hours, other mornings we are up and making dinner by 8 am.  Luckily, I only promise hubby two things upon his return from work: dinner and a living baby. He generally comes home to one of two scenarios:

1.  FVB is placed in his arms before he can even take his shoes off, while I scramble around the kitchen trying to finish dinner.

2. The house is quiet, FVB is sleeping, and dinner is warm in the toaster oven, ready to eat when he’s ready.  (Just for the record, I don’t have his slippers waiting or his whisky poured, and I most certainly don’t have lip stick on…wouldn’t want you to think of me as a 50’s housewife).

Let’s be real, 4/5 times it’s scenario #1.  Last night was no different, but the dinner was definitely worth waiting for!  Red beans and rice, steamed kale, and baked buffalo tofu strips.  All smothered with homemade ranch dressing.  Perfection.  Hubby said he could eat it three nights a week.  Sold.

For the red beans and rice, I simply sautéed 1/2 of an onion and one pepper in some grape seed oil, added in the rice and beans, then seasoned with chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder.

Spicy goodness!
Spicy goodness!

The tofu was more complicated, but I followed the instructions here and it went pretty smoothly!  The only thing I did differently was the hot sauce.  I used 2/3 cup Frank’s, 1/4 cup earth balance, 1.5 T white vinegar and 1/4 t Worcestershire sauce.

Better make a double batch next time!
Better make a double batch next time!

I steamed the kale (fresh from hubby’s garden) in the rice cooker just briefly.  And while everything was cooking I also threw together the ranch dressing, which I may or may not have eaten directly out of the bowl (I did).

You'll want seconds!
You’ll want seconds!

Can’t wait to devour the leftovers for lunch…is 1030 too early??


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