An update and Farmbox Direct!


I missed my last self imposed posting deadline….but we will blame the holidays plus the fact that I have been out of town for a week.  Just wanted to pop in with a quick update and to tell you about the new produce delivery service that we are using in case you want to try it out. It’s called Farmbox Direct and we LOVE it! Also, FVB loves when the box arrives and we open it up. He exclaims over all of the veggies and fruits, like he has literally never been so excited in his life. I thought it was a little bit odd, but then his cousins were visiting (ages 3 & 4), and they had a similar reaction. Not screaming with joy, but pretty damn excited. They spent at least 5 full minutes moving cherry tomatoes and cranberries from bags into tupperware bins for the fridge. It was too cute.

I think we'll just get him vegetables for Christmas this year...
I think we’ll just get him vegetables for Christmas this year…

We don’t have a ton of organic options in our new town, so that’s what prompted me to look into a delivery service.  We order the largest box and it is perfect for our family.  We obviously eat a ton of fresh produce, and this box pretty much keeps us from buying any produce at the store, besides mixed greens for salad or something specific that we want for a recipe.  We get an email before the next order ships, so we can review what’s coming and make substitutions if we don’t want a certain fruit or veggie that week.  We can also skip weeks if we are going out of town, which we seems to do a lot! (If you sign up, please use this link and you’ll save me a little $ off of my next order!

Food wise, one thing I have been loving lately is this delicious smoothie from A Virtual Vegan. I had some cranberries in my last Farmbox and didn’t really know what to do with them.  Now that I’ve found this smoothie, I will NOT have a problem using them up.   Also, cranberries freeze super well, and frozen cranberries make this smoothie even better, IMO.  I use cashews because I don’t have walnuts and it is still amazing.  Also, I add greens, because I make it a rule to add greens to every smoothie.  You can’t taste them and everyone needs more greens in their life, right?!?  And if that sounds too healthy for you, try these amazing cinnamon rolls from Minimalist Baker.  They were easy and so delicious. Definitely going to be making these for Christmas morning!

I used coconut sugar, so that's pretty healthy, right?
I used coconut sugar, so that’s pretty healthy, right?

I have a ton of wisdom to share from our last traveling adventure, but I may just wait until we have successfully traveled to Hawaii before I share.  I’m thinking that my awesome travel experience may have been a fluke and NOT the result of my super over-preparedness (I’m talking MULTIPLE organized baggies of toys, a travel backpack, and new toddler headphones).  Once we successfully complete a trek across the country and over an ocean, I can share my “secrets.” Or I can share my horror stories, either way.  I will leave you with a sweet photo of FVB and his cousin (oh, and me, because FVB was basically attached to my nipple for the majority of our trip.  The joys of toddler nursing).

This photo would be sweeter if I hadn't spent so much damn time nursing this boy over the course of our vacation!
This photo would be sweeter if I hadn’t spent so much damn time nursing this boy over the course of our vacation!



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