Ain’t NOBODY got time for that!



How does this thing work?!?

That’s right, the Dyson arrived.  I think the fact that I basically got it for free makes it that much better.  But for real…. this vacuum is THE BOMB.  I had already cleaned my whole house before the Dyson arrived.  FVB was in a particularly cooperative mood; I think it was the Justin Timberlake radio station on Pandora plus the fact that I was singing, dancing, and occasionally yelling “this is my JAM!” that really helped him stay positive throughout the cleaning process.  Anyway, we vacuumed and swept everything with our old POS vacuum.  I was feeling pretty positive about how much we had gotten accomplished and felt we had reached an acceptable level of cleanliness (GUEST cleanliness that is, as we have family visiting this weekend).  Later that day when the vacuumed arrived unexpectedly early, I thought, “well, I guess I could just give it a try, even though the floors are already clean.” Three FULL canisters of dirt and dog hair later…… I was beyond thrilled at the prospect of throwing the old vacuum away (we may keep it around for a toy though, FVB seems to love it).

In addition to cleaning, we also cooked! I promised last time that I would write about what I’ve been cooking/eating.  If you follow us on Facebook, you no doubt enjoy our daily food posts. I can manage those a lot easier than I can manage a blog post, so you should definitely like us on Facebook to keep up with all of the yummy eating that we do throughout the week! In the meantime…..

Four food things to share:

1. Smoothies.  If you don’t make smoothies regularly, you need to start.  They are amazing.  I do not have a Vitamix (although I am trying to find free items to sell in order to save up for one), and I can still make really good smoothies (I have a Ninja Blender, which I don’t LOVE, but I don’t hate).  Anyway, the key to a good smoothie, IMO, is frozen bananas.  They make everything creamy and delicious.  Bananas are super cheap, so I always buy at least two bunches, sometimes shopping in the bargain bin for the ugly looking brown ones.  Then I just peel them and freeze them whole in small freezer bags.  I used to cut them all up, freeze the pieces on parchment paper, then transfer them into freezer bags, but I realize now what a colossal waste of time that was.  Seriously, ain’t NOBODY got time for that.  Especially me.  I freeze them whole and they work just the same.  I also sometimes throw in frozen strawberries or blueberries from Costco.  Frozen fruit + almond milk + nut butter + spinach + cinnamon + vanilla = heaven.

Hmmm..... how can I feed this smoothie to Kaeli?
Hmmm….. how can I feed this smoothie to Kaeli?

2. Spinach muffins.  Don’t say gross right away, you haven’t even tried them.  I used this as a base recipe, however I did NOT use 3/4 c sugar.  I don’t usually use sugar at all; I don’t really like my baked goods very sweet, plus run of the mill white sugar is super processed (using bone char, gross).  Plus, I’m pretty militant about FVB having any sugar in his tiny little body.  Also, I subbed in applesauce for the oil.  Once I got to the final stages of mixing the batter, I added a bit of maple syrup to taste to sweeten it up just a tad.  The muffins came out dense, which I’m assuming is because of the dry/wet ratio that I messed with by eliminating the sugar.  I’m guessing that you can play around with this ratio by adding less liquid to balance things out (?) but again, ain’t nobody got time for that.  I liked them, as did Kaeli.  FVB carried 1/2 a mini muffin around for 5 minutes or so, then fed it to Kaeli.  He may have gummed a little bit around in his mouth before spitting it out, who knows?

They don’t LOOK good, but they TASTE good


3. Alfredo sauce.  I used to love fettucini alfredo.  What’s not to love?  Creamy, fatty, and oh so delicious. I used Alicia Simpson’s recipe for Fettucini “Slim-fredo” from her cookbook, Low Cal Vegan Comfort Food.  I love this book.  Now, this is not a recipe that I would make *too* regularly, as it does have a lot of oil.  But it is super easy and super delicious, and definitely tastes like I remember alfredo tasting.  FVB enjoyed dangling the fettucini noodles off of his high chair for Kaeli to eat.  I bought these spinach fettucini noodles and they are pretty good.  Yay for sneaking spinach into everything!

Puppy love!


4. Applesauce.  FVB will eat a few things, and applesauce is one of them.  I love the little pre-packaged ones that are unsweetened, but I figured it can’t be that hard to make your own.  Boy was I right!  3 lbs. apples + 1/2 c water + a dash cinnamon in the slow cooker on low for 6 hours.  Couldn’t be easier- you don’t even have to peel your apples!!  Then you put everything in the food processor.  SO GOOD.

Love me some applesauce!

Believe it or not, FVB is turning 1 on Monday!  We are lucky because a. hub’s has family that lives here and b. hubs also has family that is visiting.  So…… FVB gets to celebrate with lots of people that love him.  Isn’t that what birthdays are all about?  I’m looking to make some low/no sugar cupcakes that both adults and kids will enjoy.  I have a recipe set aside, but I did no testing on it, so the debut will be on the actual day.  (Insert scared emoticon here).

I’m also testing a new recipe for Easter lunch- vegan scalloped potatoes!  I’m excited.  Again, did no testing (ain’t nobody… I really have to finish the phrase again?).  I’ll let you know next time how they turn out.

Happy Weekend!




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    I was thinking about FVB spitting everything out and decided that he was already showing a talent toward being a future wine taster! Let’s put sommelier on the front burner for career possibilities! It can be a very lucrative occupation!!



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