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As you know, I LOVE Mexican inspired food.  Rice + black beans + corn +  salsa + avocados = delicious.  In an attempt to broaden my horizons, I looked at the basics of the Mexican food that I like so much and tried to think a bit more outside the box!  Here’s the loose recipe concept that I came up with:

* a grain (rice, quinoa, etc)

* a protein (any type of bean, tofu, tempeh, etc)

* a green (chopped kale, mixed salad greens, etc)

* a veggie or multiple veggies (zucchini, corn, broccoli, etc)

* a sauce (salsa, vegan ranch, salad dressing)

These are so yummy and versatile.  I like to keep a cooked grain in the fridge to have at my disposal, and I always have cooked beans stored in the freezer (I’ll post one day about my bean cooking/storing method).  There are always greens and veggies either in the house or in the garden, and sauces are pretty easy to make & store.

Quinoa+black beans+spring mix+tomato+onion+avo+vegan ranch/salsa

Some examples of my favorite bowl combinations:

quinoa+black beans+kale+corn+avocado+salsa

rice+red beans+steamed kale+mixed sauteed peppers+zucchini+vegan ranch

quinoa+white beans+spring mix+onions/cucumber/tomato+vegan ceaser

I love eating these bowls and I always feel so good after eating such fresh, healthy ingredients.  Especially when there is fresh kale from the garden. You just can’t beat it!

Also, on a side note:  I am typing this post AT THE COMPUTER (normally I am trying to type on the ipad while FVB is nursing or sleeping) while FVB is SLEEPING ON HIS OWN IN OUR BED.  Believe it.  He had his 6 month appointment today (complete with shots…ahhhh), and has been an absolute angel since we got home.  I have the video monitor on and am just listening to him make sucking noises in his sleep.  I can hardly believe my luck.  However, everything that I want to get done (dishes, cooking, cleaning) is upstairs (where he is) and I am so thankful that he’s sleeping alone that I don’t want to make ANY noises and risk waking him up and destroying the peaceful, freeing feeling that I’m currently enjoying.  So I’m hiding downstairs, typing quietly and sipping iced tea.  Life is good.  Here is a picture of FVB, enjoying life (discovering his tongue can do some pretty cool things) after his 6 month shots (there may or may not be food on my face in this picture.  Please ignore and look only at the cuteness that is FVB):

check out this tongue guys!
check out this tongue guys!

He did wake up within a few minutes of me uploading this picture….




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  1. tmm

    Doing tricks w/ his tongue is VERY ADVANCED!!


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