3 Vegan Breakfasts


Breakfast is the best.  It includes coffee, which has become as important to me as wine, it can be sweet OR savory, and it’s your first meal of a new day.  I LOVE breakfast.  Well, I love all meals because I love food, but since I have been nursing and am starving all of the time, I particularly love waking up and eating. Immediately.  I get up, start my coffee, and get going on breakfast.  Here’s what FVB and I are loving these days:

*FVB obviously doesn’t eat solid food, but rather enjoys these flavors through breast milk.

1.Breakfast burrito:

I LOVE Mexican food. YUM.  Here is what goes in my basic breakfast burrito: tofu scramble, salsa, avocado, black beans, jalapeños, and cheddar Daiya cheese. Sometimes diced potatoes that I’ve already cooked in the toaster oven, too. I like to keep a tofu scramble on hand in the fridge at all times.  I wrap it all (not the avocados) up in a whole wheat tortilla, wrap it in tin foil, then pop it in the toaster oven at 400 for 10-15 minutes until it’s warm and the cheese is melted.  Then I add the avo slices. Sometimes I eat a handful of nuts while I wait for the burrito to heat.   OK fine, I always eat a handful of nuts. 15 minutes is long when you’re hungry!!


2. Chia Pudding:

YUM-O. If you don’t know about chia pudding, go here immediately and learn all about it. Then come back and finish reading my post.  I am newly obsessed with this pudding from The Suburban Soapbox and this one that they actually call overnight oats.  I top it with crunchy granola, throw in some fruit, and maybe have a piece of toast with PNB on the side.  It’s divine.

3. Dinner Leftovers

OK, true confession: my mom does this ALL the time and I used to think it was weird.  When she was staying with us after FVB was born, I’d come into the kitchen at 6 am and she’d be eating a salad and last night’s casserole. I just couldn’t picture craving a salad when I first woke up.  However, I once made this amazing kale salad with peanut salad dressing and had leftovers that were already dressed and I knew needed to be eaten quickly.  I didn’t want to wait until lunch, so I ate it for breakfast. And since that wasn’t enough food, I added a side of the pasta we’d had to go with it. Suddenly, I was eating dinner for breakfast. And it was good.

Also, I always eat a “second breakfast” (a term my sis and I coined after discussing how ravenous we always are since we are both nursing). Sometimes it is a smaller portion of my first breakfast, other times it is something different.  But don’t be thinking I eat breakfast and then nothing until lunch! I need my extra calories to keep producing breast milk for FVB, and it’s clear he needs a lot.

Notice the double chin
Notice the double chin

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