3 Things Your Newborn Baby Doesn’t Need


When you are expecting, you quickly realize there are way, WAY too many “must have” baby items. Actually, this is true for labor and delivery as well.  I think I spent a full afternoon researching what to pack in my hospital bag. When it came down to it, I didn’t have the bag packed in advance (baby was early & I was lazy/overwhelmed with information from my day of research) and the bag that my hubby threw together at the last minute sat in the car for the first twelve hours of our hospital stay anyway.  The same is true for having a baby.  You seriously do not need 90% of the crap “they” try to sell you.  Especially these:

1.  Changing Pad Cover:

I bought 2 of these cute, soft, fleecy covers that perfectly coordinated with FVB’s nursery.  I mean, his sweet little body couldn’t touch the cold, plastic changing pad, right?  After a few days of using these covers, I realized that I could either A. wash the cover after each change because babies puke, pee, and poo all over, all the time or B. ditch the covers and do a quick wipe down as needed (every change). Make your life easier and save your $ for something more useful. Like wine.

2. Newborn “clothes”

Your baby doesn't need a night cap
Your baby doesn’t need a night cap

I use the quotes because obviously you need to put your baby in something. However, you do not need pants, overalls, that cute sweater vest with a puppy on it, or a night gown with matching sleeping cap (as seen in photo). What you do need are several hundred pairs of pajamas (zip NOT snap) and/or several hundred onesies, depending on the season and temperature in your home.  If you take my advice and buy this many, you never have to do laundry and can just throw the puke, pee, and poo stained things away when you’re done.  Or, if you simply must be environmentally friendly, buy enough to get you through 2-3 days and have your mom/whoever your live in helper is do laundry every day.  As an aside: you need a live in helper when you bring your newborn home. For real.  Your husband/partner doesn’t count. Mom, MIL, sister, good friend who has had a baby, anyone who is ok with serving you and who doesn’t mind seeing your nipples.

3.  A Crib

The stuffed animals love their new digs. FVB, not so much
The stuffed animals love their new digs. FVB, not so much

You will/may need a crib someday, depending on your sleeping arrangements, but your newborn does not need one.  FVB is 4 months old and has been in his crib once, for 20 minutes.   The AAP recommends that your baby should sleep in the same room as you anyway, and it’s very unlikely that you’ll be ready to pop baby in a crib right away, even if you had space for one in your room.  I spent months researching co-sleepers, bassinets, in bed “nests” and all other sorts of sleeping gadgets.  When we brought FVB home, he slept in bed with us in an enclosed “nest” for a few weeks until I got comfortable with bed sharing and nursing while laying down. Now we are all comfortably bed sharing and finally getting some sleep.  I am NOT going to get into a big discussion on sleep practices with babies, but I will tell you that the AAP does NOT recommend bed sharing.  I did a lot of research on this and arrived at my own conclusions and do what works for FVB, hubby, and me. You will obviously do your research and arrive at your own conclusions.   Whatever you decide to do, I can pretty safely say you can wait on the crib for a few weeks/months.

Three things I do recommend: breastfeeding pillow, live in helper (see above), swaddle blankets. I love “my Brest friend” for a nursing pillow and Aden and Anai swaddle blankets.

Most importantly, your newborn needs YOU.  Rest, snuggle, practice baby wearing, and make sure your live in helper is a good (vegan) cook!  Speaking of yummy food, FVB and I are signing off to have our second breakfast.…


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