3 Reasons I Hate Cloth Diapers (but use them anyway)


Cloth diapers have so many pros: good for the environment, cute designs… hmmmmmmm….I can’t think of any others right off the top of my head.  But I like not feeling guilty about loading the landfill with something that takes between 250-500 years to decompose (this is a very loose fact, but it’s gotta be close to accurate if the internet says it).  And I love looking at FVB’s cute little (I mean HUGE) bottom in a colorful diaper.  Plus, I convinced hubs to shell out a lot of cash up front to save us money on the long run. Oooooh, another pro for my list- cheaper than disposables! So, I’m committed. In using cloth diapers, I’ve discovered three things that are constantly bugging me about them.

1.  TIME

OMG, I spent hours washing, hanging, and re-stuffing diapers each week.  It is constant and you CANNOT fall behind or you’ll run out of clean diapers.  You have to run them through the washer twice (once on rinse and once with soap), so that’s about two hours right there, providing you get to them immediately after cycle one ends. Unlikely). Also, I spend a lot of time thinking and stressing about the diapers- if I run the first load now, I can leave quickly but have to be back in time to put in the second load.…what time do they need to be out of the washer to have enough time to line dry?  Is it supposed to rain? Shit, did I leave the drying rack out?  Etc, etc, etc.  Lucky for me I’m at home and can spend as many hours as I want doing and thinking about diaper related tasks.  Plus, I love hauling my drying rack out on to the front porch and leaving it in front of the doorbell so that no one can ring it and cause a major upset in the house (dogs bark, I yell at dogs, FVB cries because he’s sensitive and doesn’t like my mean voice).


All diapers, cloth and otherwise, are at risk of leaking.  Everyone who uses diapers has experienced leaks/blow outs and it’s not pretty.  I recommend always packing a FULL outfit change for yourself in your diaper bag (and by full I mean every single item of clothing, including underwear). But, my cloth experience has been less than ideal when it comes to leaking, particularly at night.  And I mean every night.  AND, we co-sleep, so that means changing the sheets every day.  Oh, and pee always leaks through to the mattress pad, so you have to wash that, too.  Then, you have to remake the whole bed.  FVB is very helpful with this task.



If you get on the internet and search cloth diapers, you will find one billion sites that discuss everything about cloth diapers- brands, styles, pros/cons, etc.  You will also find that everyone has an opinion about how to correctly wash your diapers.  In my google searches I have found the following advice:  ALWAYS use hot water, NEVER cold; ALWAYS use cold water, NEVER hot; rinse twice; never rinse more than once; only use specific cloth diaper detergent; any detergent is fine; use dish soap to treat stains; NEVER PUT DISH SOAP ON YOUR DIAPERS OR THEY WILL BE RUINED FOREVER.  Lots of caps lock, lots of serious rules.  Too much for me.  I finally just stopped reading crap I found on the internet and came up with a system that worked for me (rinse cold, wash hot, hang to dry).  Sometimes they leak, sometimes they stain, but I figure it out and move on (besides night leaks, haven’t figured that out and tempted to just do disposables…shhhhhhh, don’t tell).

But in all honesty, if you’re staying at home, it’s not that bad and it truly is worth it cost wise.  Now. Having two FVBs in cloth diapers…that may undo me!



  1. Aunt Caren

    Hi FVM’s Mom! I have a question regarding the envorinmental aspect of using cloth diapers. How do you rectify the fact that you are using an excessive amount of laundry detergent, energy/electricity and hot water versus the philosophy of overloading our landfills. I would like to get your opinion and thought process about this. Thanks FVB mom….really enjoying your blog!


    1. chellyk17

      Great question! I don’t have a great answer, unfortunately. I did the research and decided that, for me, the pros of cloth diapering outweighed the cons. It is true that cloth diapers do have an environmental impact since they require water/electricity. I do my best to remedy this by using a HE washer, making my own detergent, and line drying my diapers. I have other issues with disposable diapers, besides the landfill issue. One, the cost and materials required to manufacture and distribute and the environmental impact of that, and two, the chemicals in both disposable diapers and wipes and how they may affect FVB’s skin.

      Both cloth and disposables have an impact on the environment, but sadly those are really the only two options when it comes to diapering. I personally feel that cloth has a less harmful impact on the environment.

      Thanks for reading and questioning!


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